Clashes break out as protesters march to NYSE

Clashes break out as protesters march to NYSE

Just two days after the New York police evicted them from their protest headquarters at Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, the demonstrators again took to the streets chanting "All day, all week, Occupy Wall Street", "We are the 99 per cent, we are too big to fail" and "Take the bull".

Police in riot gear manned the streets and blocks leading up to the NYSE, arresting some protesters who blocked the streets. NY Police Department personnel were checking IDs as they tried to stop demonstrators from walking on the streets and confined them to the sidewalks.

To mark the two-month anniversary, protesters have said they will begin the day by "shutting down Wall Street", gathering early morning at Liberty Square before the opening bell to "confront Wall Street with the stories of people on the frontlines of economic injustice."

"We will no longer tolerate the oppression of the 1 per cent who do not want to see a creative movement, based on inclusiveness and tolerance, triumph over a system deeply rooted in social inequality. This is why we're fighting back." The day will then see the protesters "occupy all of New York City with our bodies, voices and ideas.

"Protesters have vowed to gather in the afternoon at 16 central subway hubs, "taking our own stories to the trains, using the 'People's Mic".

In the evening, the protesters plan to assemble at Foley Square here in solidarity with labourers demanding jobs to rebuild this country's infrastructure and economy. Marching from City Hall to the Brooklyn Bridge, the protesters have said they will carry thousands of handheld lights, "as a festival of lights to celebrate two months of a new movement to reclaim our democracy."

They have promised a national day of action with mass gatherings in other cities. Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson said the authorities were "prepared" as the protesters are seeking to disrupt major parts of the city.