On a journey with an artist

On a journey with an artist

Female Energy

“Through my work, I am trying to represent the space called the mind, which contains so many different thoughts. That is why I use so many washes on the canvas because the final product needs to be layered, regardless of what theme it is based on,” said Seema.
“I’m constantly talking to my work and the closest interactions I have are with my mind,” she added, speaking like a true artist deeply immersed in her own little world of canvas.

Seema has a very unique style, which focusses greatly on detail, uses colours for symbolism, and in general, portrays a lot of goddesses in her exploration of female energy. Some of the paintings that stood out in her collection were ‘The River of Fire,’ ‘Tree of Life’ and most importantly, ‘The Golden Womb,’ a recurring concept that she has imposed in almost all her paintings to some or the other extent.

She explained the entire process of how she goes about doing a painting, adding that she never does rough sketches. “I found it very interesting that she says a mantra before she starts a new painting. It is like an act of surrender to nature and creativity,” said Ryan Lobo, a member of the audience.

This was not the only thing that gave a deeper meaning to her work in the minds of those present. Two short films, directed and conceptualised by her, were also shown. The first film, Swayamsiddha searched for interrelations between time and energy, which are both eternal in the creation of art.

The second film, ‘Cogito Ergo Sum: I think, therefore I am’ was more thought provoking and showed an artistic mind at work. “What we think is who we become. She showed her own life and how she thinks in terms of the canvas in the second film,’’ said Renu George, owner, Time and Space Gallery, after the technical but insightful hour-long session.