Water woes hit Indira extension in C'magalur

Water woes hit Indira extension in C'magalur

Residents stage stir with empty pots

The local residents said that drinking water scarcity has cropped up in the region since a month now. The water pipe had damaged sometime ago yet the authorities have not taken steps to repair the same.

“Whenever we ask them to provide us water the CMC gives a standard reply that there is power shortage and hence they are not in the position to supply adequate water. Most of the residents living in this extension are daily wage workers,” said the protesters adding that instead of going to work, they have been going places just to get a bucket of water.

On Thursday residents of the extension decided not to turn out at their respective jobs and instead sit in front of CMC demanding for water. Women too took part in the protest in large numbers.

Women said that everyday they have to tread their way from their extension to Naraganahalli village to get potable water.

“Those who have cycles carry two to three buckets on it but for those who do not have any such means are forced to walk with pots on their head and buckets in hand. Now the residents of Naraganahalli have been refusing to give water because the number of people coming to the village from the extension has been increasing,” said a woman who says that though a bore well was dug in the extension no electricity connection has been provided so far.

“There is three inch water in the bore. If electricity connection is provided then our problem will be solved,” she said informing that the officials from CMC have been saying that they can supply water from this bore well only to newly constructed houses.

A senior citizen from the extension, taking part in the protest said that he remembers that the CMC had provided water 15 days ago.

“We have been living with such difficulties. Yet no official had visited the area to understand our problems. If we come to CMC demanding for water, the Commissioner says that we come here for publicity,” he said demanding the Commissioner to tender public apologies for his statement.

The daily wage workers said that they have been keeping themselves away from their jobs because of the water woes. The protesters said that they would not leave the place till their problem is solved.