'Distribute Paisari land among poor'

'Distribute Paisari land among poor'

Rs 1.16 crore released to provide sites in 98 Gram Panchayats

Addressing the general body meeting of the Zilla Panchayat on Thursday, ZP President Shantheyanda Ravi Kushalappa said that the officials must take steps to distribute the paisari land among the poor by giving them title deeds and also taking steps to build houses on the same site for them.

The issue was taken up by member S N Rajaram, responding to which the Chief said that the siteless can be given land under Navagrama Yojane. He said that the issue will be discussed with the officials concerned and steps will be taken accordingly.

Rajarao said that the poor in the district are leading a miserable life as they are not provided with basic necessities of life such as shelter. He urged that the Zilla Panchayat should give paisari land to these families living under acute poverty.

Swarna Jayanthi Swarozgar Yojna (SJSY) implementation officer Prabhuswamy said that the government has released Rs 1.16 crore to provide sites to the siteless in 98 Gram Panchayts in the district. The house decided to use the sum to provide sites after finding out availability of land in three taluks.

Hostel visit
Member Shareen Subaiah asked the house if the Zilla Panchayat members have the right to visit the hostels run by Backward Communities and Minority Welfare Department, Social Welfare Department and Tribal Welfare hostels along with Morarji Desai hostels. Subaiah complained that these hostels have been strangled due to lack of facilities.

Responding to the same, BCM Department Official Puttaraju said that people have been visiting the hostels according to their will and wish, which is not permitted. The visitors should seek permission from ZP President or BCM officers before visiting the hostels.
“There is shortage of wardens in the district. Due to this each warden is made to take care of two to three hostels. They are working under immense pressure. The vacant posts must be filled at the earliest,” demanded the members.

Responding to the same ZP Chief said that all steps will be taken to recruit adequate number of wardens to the hostels.

Liquor in fair price shop
Bananda N Prathyu said that despite bringing the issue to the notice of the house, liquor is still being sold in fair price shop at Mayamudi.  Responding to this Food and Civil Supplies Deputy Director Vishwanath said that when he visited the spot and inspected he did not find any such happenings.

To this, Ravi Kushalappa asked the DD why he failed to submit a report to the Zilla Panchayat after his visit to the fair price shop. He even warned Vishwanath of issuing a show cause notice.

No Action
Raking up the sexual harassment by teachers against students, the ZP members questioned the house as to why no action was taken against the guilty.

“You have suspended the officials who failed to show respect to elected representatives but you have only transferred the teachers facing allegation of sexual harassment,” questioned members P Ganapathy seeking explanation from Deputy Director for Public Instruction Ramaswamy.

He said that the house had directed the officials concerned to take action against as many as four teachers facing allegation of sexual harassment. It is sad to know that only two were suspended while two were transferred to other school, said Ganapathy. However, a section of members said that mistakes do happen and the teachers must be given another chance!

Speaking to reporters Member Sarita Poonacha said that she had attended the meet tying a black ribbon on her wrist as a mark of protest against the move of the ZP of sending her out of house during one of the previous meetings.

It may be recalled that Poonacha was asked to go out of the meeting hall by Ravi Kushalappa for her allegation against Assembly Speaker K G Bopaiah in the context of alleged misappropriations in Doddareshmekere development work.

During the beginning of the meet, the house condemned the insult directed against the statue of valiant fighter Field Marshal K M Cariappa. They said the miscreants must be nabbed and punished.