Mazy's Muddle: Triangles in Warli art

Mazy's Muddle: Triangles in Warli art

So during drawing class I feel a bit odd. I draw a pencil and my friend asks me if it is a snake. I carefully draw a snake and my teacher asks me if it is  road with potholes. You understand what I mean?

So when I went on a holiday to a place in Maharashtra, I saw some very nice drawings on the walls of many huts. The art is called Warli art, after the Warli tribe of people living there.

The mud walls are smeared with cow dung and once that dries, rice paste is used to create scenes on the walls. They use simple line drawings. And using just lines, dots, circles and triangles, they come up with drawings of huts, trees, animals and people. Learning from them, I can now draw so many characters just using triangles!

To get you started on the triangle madness, here is something you can try. Find as many non-congruent triangles as you can in a 3 by 3 grid of dots. How many did you find? Four? Five? Keep trying!

Out of the maze: If you did not find at least eight triangles that are not congruent to each other, keep trying!