A place to worship Rama near Dharmasthala

A place to worship Rama near Dharmasthala

In fact, nobody would have thought that the temple would be so popular about 30 years ago. Legend has it that Lord Rama stayed here for some time during ‘Seethanveshane’ (Search for Seetha). Later Nityananda swamy, a seer with special divine powers, stayed here for one night during his Dharmasthala yatra and felt that a mandir should be built here for Lord Rama.

Giving details on the same, Brahmananda Saraswati Swamiji of Shri Rama Kshetra said that though the place is considered as a holy place, nothing was there except a small Nityananda Ashrama till 1978.

 “In 1978, Shri Bala Shivayogi Maharaj of Bangalore laid foundation stone for Rama Mandir. Later, Shri Aathmananda Saraswati Swamiji guided the process of building Ram Mandir in two acres of land. In 2007, the ‘Prathista Brahmakalashotsava’ of Mandir was held in a grand manner for 54 days. Interestingly, all the 36 sanctum sanctorums and ‘Poojasthana’ of Lord Rama were inaugurated at the same time.”

Rich design
Rich with artistic beauty, the temple has ‘Vastu’ of Tamilnadu, rich granite stones of Rajasthan, beautiful designs carved by the sculptors of Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra, Kerala, Tamilnadu and Rajasthan.

The ground floor of the 3-storey structure is used for functions and bhajans while there are sanctum sanctorums in  the II floor and the III floor houses ‘Pattabhirama Sannidhi’.
Lord Hanuman, ‘Navadurgha’ and ‘Navagraha’ are also being worshiped in this beautiful temple.

The three chariots built in 2007 are the special attraction of the Kshetra. Sculptors carved a 72 feet high ‘Brahmaratha’ for Lord Rama. Another chariot with 36 feet height is dedicated for Lord Aanjaneya. The Kshetra also has an 18 feet tall silver chariot. A beautiful garden with fountains and colourful lighting attracts the devotees towards this holy atmosphere.

Social concern
The temple has a trust with 10 trustees for administration. ‘Annapoorneshwari,’ a ‘annachatra’ with four floors is built opposite to the temple to provide free meals for devotees every noon. A lodge is also built near the temple for devotees.

Temple Administrative Board Manager Krishnappa said that the works are done by the trust with social concern. Late Shri Athmananda Saraswati Swamiji had purchased land at Devaragudde, a place in Kalmanja village which is 4 kilometers away from Kanyadi. Swamiji built an ashrama called ‘Gurudeva Ashrama,’ he informed.

The Ashrama has been converted into a Math and ‘Athmananda Saraswati Vidyalaya’ is being run which gives free education with food and shelter for 210 children. The temple trust also runs ‘Sadguru Shri Nityananda Makkala Anathashrama,’ an orphange. Another building is being built for school, he added.

The trust is also giving free education on Veda for 10 students in ‘Vedapatashale’. Every year ‘Bhajana Sapthaha’ (a week long bhajana) is being held during Rama Navami which helps to bring unity among the people.  Hence, Shri Rama Kshetra is identified not only as a religious tourist spot but also as a place showing social concern.

How to reach?
Kanyadi Shri Rama Kshetra is 74 kilometers away from Mangalore. Visiting this place is not a problem because it is just 4 kilometres before Dharmasthala on Mangalore – Dharmasthala road.

It is easy to reach some other well known tourists spots like Surya and Shishila. Shishila is 24 kms away while Surya is 12 kms away from Shri Rama Kshetra. There is no train facility from the City.