AC halts construction of resort

AC halts construction of resort

It was constructed illegally on farm land

The resort is being constructed illegally in the region. The AC has also directed the owner to stop functioning another resort which has been serving the public for the last two years. The resort was built illegally.

In the backdrop of complaints from the locals, the AC and the revenue officials visited the spot on Thursday evening. After verifying the documents, it was found that the two resorts have come up on agriculture land without converting it for non agriculture activities. The AC has directed the resort owners to submit all the ocuments pertaining to the land to the AC’s office by next week.

The AC said “the resort which was under construction is coming up on the bank of Kongana river. There are all possibility of river getting polluted if the resort is allowed to function. The resort is being constructed by one Pushkarasingh of New Delhi.”

“The land where the resort is being constructed do not have khatha. At the same time, it has not been converted. Without obtaining permission from local bodies, the work on the resort was started. At the outset we have found violations by the resort owner. So we have asked the owner to stop the construction activities immediately,” said the AC.

The land document pertaining to another resort which has been functioning for the last two years is not correct. Land has not been converted for commercial purpose.
Hence, it has been asked to close down its service, the AC added.