Jaggery Park: A royal damp squib!

Jaggery Park: A royal damp squib!

No account of total jaggery produced

So far, the total amount of sugarcane crushed since last eight months at the park is a mere 25 tonnes.

And, the sole reason behind this project not executing as much work as it was hoped to achieve, rather not too surprisingly, is the decision taken by University of Agricultural Sciences which vested the supervision of this Park on to the hands of a person who had no expertise in the area.

The Park had come into existence at a cost of Rs 4.5 crore. The confession comes from none other than the Research Director of Agriculture Research Centre, Dr K T Pandurange Gowda, after eight months since the Park began its activities. 

Responding to queries regarding the Jaggery Park, at a media conference here on Friday, Dr Gowda said additional infrastructure such as research laboratory would be created soon.

Park has been allotted Rs eight crore, of which Rs 4.5 crore has been spent on the building so far.  Confiding that the jaggery produced at the Park went bad and melted since there was no proper knowledge from the research conducted so far. Henceforth, such instances won’t repeat, he assured. This apart, he said Rs 1.25 lakh balance was cleared to the farmers, over procuring sugarcane, he added. 

There were no convincing answers to the total amount of sugarcane crushed and jaggery that was produced out of it. Prof Patel of Agricultural Research Centre, who was also present at the press meet, said Dr Rajanna, who was given responsibility of the Park was basically an entomologist. He possessed no knowledge about jaggery production and installation of machines or related technology.

Hence, the Park suffered, he added. Now, with Shankaraiah’s arrival as the Director,  who is also expert in the area, things will  surely get better, he said.