Swamy welcomes CBI probe in 2G allocation during Mahajan stint

Swamy welcomes CBI probe in 2G allocation during Mahajan stint

"I think the CBI, now that the main case is also underway, has started devoting attention to the Mahajan period too and it needs to be done," Swamy told reporters on the sidelines of an event here.

"I don't think in the corruption matter you should play politics at all," Swamy, a bitter critic of Congress, said about the CBI's move to probe the spectrum allotments done during the NDA regime.

The widening of the probe is being done as per the instructions of the Supreme Court, which had asked the CBI to investigate all the earlier instances of spectrum allocation right from 1999, he said.

The searches carried out today on leading telecom operators and a former bureaucrat in the telecom ministry are a part of the move to widen the scope of the investigations, he said.

Swamy, a petitioner on the 2G spectrum allocation case which has led to the arrest of former telecom minister A Raja, DMK MP Kanimozhi and quite a few corporate honchos, said he will devote time for unearthing corporate corruption once the 2G case finishes.

The Government will fall because of the series of corruption scandals and we will have to face a mid-term poll by March, he said.

"Yes, definitely. By March next year, yes. I am expecting in this Parliament session for something to happen," he told PTI, when asked to elaborate on similar remarks he made during a TV programme.

When asked if there will be a no-confidence move, he said, "either that or some scandal forces the government to resign."

In an interesting disclosure, the former professor said he has taught former Goldman Sachs key executive Rajat Gupta, now facing allegations of insider trading in the US, in the Indian Institute of Technology and had also recommended the pupil for an MBA degree.

"I recommended him (Gupta) for an admission to MBA. Thats how he went. He went to do engineering, then did his MBA. He was a very good man but became greedy," he added.