'BHIO completes 20 years of service: It's boon for all'

'BHIO completes 20 years of service: It's boon for all'

Three senior doctors feted for their contribution to the society

Three senior physicians from city – Dr T C Chandrashekar,  and Dr S Bhaskar and Dr Narasimhan  were honoured for their exceptional contribution on the occasion.

Speaking at the programme, MLA M Satyanarayana hailed the Bharath Cancer Hospital had turned out to be a boon for the people of the region.

Before the hospital started operations, cancer patients from Mysore and surrounding region had to go to Bangalore for treatment. The cancer treatment requires a long period which had put pressure on such patients from the region – as they  had to stay in Bangalore for a long period and their expenses would mount. But, the Bharath cancer hospital had been providing cancer treatment at a affordable prices for the poor and middle-class families, he said.

Former mayor and educationist Vasu commended the hospital’s progress and said the Bharath cancer incorporated all the multi-speciality equipments available for the cancer treatment.

Dr B S Ajaikumar, chairman and managing director of the hospital honoured the senior physicians and vowed to continue the service through Bharath Cancer hospital. Dr Arun Kumar, director of Bharath Cancer and HCG group of hospitals, former minister Rani Satish, Dr Prakash, former director, CFTRI, B N Betkerur, executive secretary, JSS Mahavidyapeetha and others were present.