New Tatkal booking system to be effective from tomorrow

New Tatkal booking system to be effective from tomorrow

The changes, which the railways brought about in the face of complaints about misuse by booking agents, will come into effect from November 21.

The booking process has been tightened with a maximum of only four bookings per PNR number. Identity checks have also been made stringent with the copy of an identity proof to be attached to the requisition form itself.

After the booking, passengers have to produce identity proof again during the journey.

Failing which, all passengers booked on the ticket will be treated as travelling without ticket and charged accordingly.

Refund will not be granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets other than in exceptional cases. In case of cancellation of partially confirmed Tatkal tickets, refund will be given only for passengers in waiting list.

Duplicate Tatkal tickets will be issued only in exceptional cases on collection of full fare including Tatkal charges by operators to whom the privileges will be assigned by the Railways.

However, no refund will be given for duplicate Tatkal tickets even if original ticket is found.

The Railways have prescribed eight acceptable proofs of identity and even for Internet booking of Tatkal tickets, the passenger has to enter the identity proof type and number which is to be produced during travel.

These details shall be printed on the Electronic Reservation Slip, indicated on the Mobile Reservation Message, Virtual Reservation Message and will also appear on the reservation chart.

To curb the agents, they will be restricted from booking Tatkal tickets at the counters and on the web between 8 am and 10 am. The web service agents of IRCTC will be permitted to book only one Tatkal ticket per train per day on the Internet.