Lokayukta probe sought into Ashoka's income

Lokayukta probe sought into Ashoka's income

Retired Wing Commander G B Atri of the Indian Air Force and resident of Bangalore, has filed the complaint seeking an inquiry into the matter.

To substantiate his claims, Atri has pointed out discrepancies in Ashoka’s declaration of assets to the Lokayukta from 2001 to present and to the Election Commission in 2008.

“The statements in the declaration made to the Lokayukta and to the Election Commission does not tally. In 2001, he had declared a monthly income of Rs 20,000. In 2005, he has shown it as Rs one lakh. This is not possible if the income was proportionate. This amount has been earned through illegal means,” Atri’s complaint states.


For the eight-year statement, Ashoka shows an income of Rs 46 lakh, expense of Rs 75 lakh and a loan of Rs 62 lakh. Yet, in the 2008 declaration to the Election Commission, his loan amount is shown to be a mere Rs 12.5 lakh. Atri states that this gives rise to suspicion.

The complaint cites Ashoka not only as the accused but also as the witness.

“This is a strange incident. I have given a complaint based on his statements to the Lokayukta and Election Commission. There is no need for any other witness. The Minister (Ashoka) himself has to explain the discrepancy,” Atri said.