Not many hassles at Yeshwantpur

Not many hassles at Yeshwantpur

“The Corporation people come in the morning and clean up the streets. Nobody wants to dirty the front of their own shop,” says Habiba, a vegetable vendor.

The crowds come in only in the evenings and on Sundays. “I have been selling vegetables in this market for a long time. The crowds we have now are nothing compared to the crowds the market had earlier. Now, lots of people come only on Sundays, or before festivals,” says Lakshmi, another vegetable shop owner.

With wide paths and shops located on only one side of the road, the market seems to be well spaced out. Besides, there is a parking lot behind the market, making things easy for both shopkeepers and customers. Also, shop owners here don’t pay the government any money for setting up shop.

Malleswaram market

When the century-old Old Market at Malleswaram ran out of space, the new market came in handy. Known across the town for its variety of flowers, vegetables and fruits, the market has about 260 shops. But only 75 to 80 are open usually. Business is brisk during festivals, although vendors hope the sales could be better since it is kept open from 6 am to 10 pm.

Former chief minister Ramakrishna Hegde had laid the foundation stone for the new market. Although it has a total area of about 2.5 acres, there have been encroachments.

While some legal disputes are on, people who frequent the place are generally satisfied with the infrastructure.

Waste in and around the market is segregated. A garbage disposal machine converts the waste into manure to be sold to the public. The BBMP gets a nominal rent of Rs 135 for each shop.

But parking is an issue. With a rise in the vehicular population, things are only going to worsen. Security is another problem. Only the front gates are closed at the end of the day, leaving six other entrances unguarded. The market association has sought more security, but the official response has been poor.