Vida bids alvida to 'Bigg Boss 5', says she wasn't happy

Vida bids alvida to 'Bigg Boss 5', says she wasn't happy

"I was prepared for the eviction. I did what I wanted to do in the show - made wonderful friends in the house, faced some tough moments... In a week, there were only one or two days when there was peace and we had fun, rest of the time, there was so much 'ladai' and 'jhagda' (fights), that now I was ready to leave," Vida told IANS after coming out of the house.

The 33-year-old, who caused a stir in her country when she sported a bikini at a beauty pageant, has been living in India for the past five years. She wanted to spread the language of love in "Bigg Boss 5", but felt it was a waste of time to try and change people.
"I have gone through a lot of hardships in my native country. I have seen rockets, bullets and blasts... I have seen worse fights! So... dealing with people's mood swings and just dealing with different people was a piece of cake... But I just refuse to change people who get affected by nothing!

"For example, why should I have wasted my energy on people like Sky (Akashdeep Saigal) who are never ready to listen to anyone. What was the point in talking to people like that!" she said.

Vida, who got embroiled in a fight with VJ Pooja Missra and Siddharth Bharadwaj, feels actress Juhi Parmar has a strong chance to win this season because of her "balanced and fair" play.

But for now, the free bird is hoping to catch up on some realism. She said: "I have so many plans now! I have to meet my friends, people whom I have so dearly chosen, people who are nice, not manipulative, not judgemental, not argumentative... and I just want to celebrate my true friendship with them!"