Traveller's bungalow gets a facelift

Traveller's bungalow gets a facelift

Conserving heritage

The travellers bungalow that was constructed during the Britishers’ rule has a history of two centuries. This was built exclusively for British officers and visitors, who paid brief visits to the place.

Later, the structure came under the purview of public works department and inland water transport department and had not seen any development for years.

It is also a landmark and a popular place for various associations and organisations — including district administration — to begin jathas or rallies.

Despite such prominence to the place in public life, it was the most neglected one with lush growth of weeds and also a haven for stray cattle as no steps were taken for rejuvenation or maintenance of the premises and building. It was a common scene for the public, who used to frequent the place to participate in jathas, to close their nose in annoyance.

Now, all this is a thing of the past, as development works have been launched at a cost of Rs 18 lakh at the premises. Ornamental flowering plants have already been planted and the whole place has turned serene. Fence has also been put up to prevent people from disturbing the plants.

The building, which has a historical importance, is being renovated by the public works department. But construction of a VIP guesthouse at the premises has drawn flak from the people, who say it is not being utilised properly and had not seen inauguration for months even after its completion.

The rooms are being used by government officials and elected representatives and tourists who come from far off places. But, there is not much difference between the rent here and in private hotels, they claim.

The authorities concerned should take steps to maintain the premises after completion of works, says a tourist Harish.