'People are losing trust in electronic media'

'People are losing trust in electronic media'

“The electronic media can influence the ignorant by tweaking and misreporting incidents and events. But it cannot convince the well-informed,” Kambara said after releasing four books in Kannada at the Press Club of Bangalore on Sunday evening.

The books — Kreedantharanga by M A Ponnappa, Assistant Editor (Sports), Prajavani; Corridor Kaala Kosha by Je Su Na; and Patrika Bhashe, and Reporting by Padmaraj Dandavati, Executive Editor, Prajavani — were released on the occasion.

Former Test player Anil Kumble lauded Ponnappa for his honest criticism of the cricketers from Karnataka and said he wrote about them without fear or favour. He contributed to spreading the game to every nook and corner of the State, Kumble said.

Educationist Gururaj Karajagi said a newspaper was trashed after 24 hours, but the topics discussed in it had a long life. Karajagi predicted that Dandavati’s books on journalism would become references in the future.

“The books are not just for journalists. In fact, they can be a well-meaning guide to everyone on how to report events and conferences, and conduct interviews,” he said.