Landmark film for Bebo

Landmark film for Bebo

Director's talk

“Kareena is a great star. We have always talked about working together and even discussed a lot of films but nothing materialised. But ‘Heroine’ is a great script and a great story. I am sure it will be a landmark cinema in Kareena’s career,” said Bhandarkar.

Bhandarkar’s film hit a roadblock after Aishwarya opted out of the project following her pregnancy. The film-maker hopes the film doesn’t get into any other problem.

“‘Heroine’ is basically a heroine’s journey in the contemporary world. It’s going to portray how an actress reaches the top and how her life goes through ups and downs,” said Bhandarkar, known for making films like ‘Page 3’, ‘Fashion’ and ‘Traffic Signal’.

“Right now, the film is on track and shooting will start in the end of November and we will finish by March-April,” he added.