BBMP lists steps to prevent fire accidents in future

BBMP lists steps to prevent fire accidents in future

24-hour security proposed at all Palike record rooms

While making it amply clear that the cause for fire was not known yet, Siddaiah has said almost all files pertaining to the Palike were safe and no ‘major’ damage had occurred to the records.

With speculations mounting that records pertaining to investigations into three Palike divisions of Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Gandhinagar and Malleswaram were destroyed in the fire, perhaps with intent, the Palike Commissioner sent the status report on Monday to the chief minister’s office and also to the additional chief secretary’s office negating the rumours. He has categorically stated that all the records pertaining to the three divisions were safe and under custody.

The report states: “Forensic experts and electrical department officers collected evidence from the spot and are investigating if the accident was due to short circuit or if it was the handiwork of any miscreant. The BBMP will take necessary action to know the truth.”

Among the documents damaged in the fire include those pertaining to cases already disposed by the courts and three files on matters currently under investigation and stored in six cupboards at the BMTF police station.

A report on the cause of the fire will be submitted by the special commissioner within the next 15 days, based on which further action will be initiated.


In a series of recommendations made to ensure safety of records and avert such mishaps, the Palike has proposed putting in place 24-hour security at all BBMP record rooms, deploying additional security personnel, thorough security checks of all visitors and restricting their movement and installing additional CCTV cameras to monitor movement of people and vehicles within the premises.

Important files related to finance, work estimate list, bill register, bill documents, job number and other details, tender details and other documents should be scanned, digitised and stored in more than two places, the report has recommended.

Arrangements are also being made to place fire and smoke detecting mechanisms in the offices.

The Palike will also photocopy documents pertaining to property tax, birth and death documents, licences for commercial establishments and building licences and keep them in a secure environment.