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Gruelling challenges

Travel the world learning various forms of hand-to-hand combat and martial art traditions. In each episode, hosts Doug Anderson and seasoned martial arts fighter Jimmy Smith will explore a new location identified with a style of fighting, such as Wushu in China, Kali in Philippines, Krav Maga in Israel, Kalaripayattu in India and Boxing in Mexico. The challenges are tough, the experiences are gruelling, and very often traumatising.
‘Fight Quest’ airs on November 23 at 7 pm on Discovery Channel.

Chaotic set of events
Sony MAX presents ‘Welcome’ starring Akshay Kumar, Feroz Khan, Anil Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Nana Patekar. Uday Shetty (Nana Patekar), Majnu (Anil Kapoor) and their boss Sikander (Feroz Khan) are three Hong Kong-based mobsters. Uday is keen to get his sister Sanjana (Katrina) married into a respectable family.

Uday accidentally meets the handsome bachelor Rajiv (Akshay Kumar) and is convinced that the latter is an appropriate match for Sanjana. However, Rajiv’s uncle, Dr Ghungroo (Paresh Rawal) disapproves of Uday’s association with a dubious family. 

Meanwhile, totally unaware of her brother’s plans, Sanjana falls in love with Rajiv while Dr Ghungroo tries to escape the fury of the brothers. What follows is utter chaos and hullabaloo.

Tragic loss
Saas Bina Sasural airs on November 23 at 10 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. Rumours of Tejprakash Chaturvedi’s death has left the Chaturvedi family completely distraught and upset. Toasty’s hope of meeting Tej in the hospital after getting a call from the hospital management falls apart when she discovers that they were referring to some other Tej. 

Toasty is still hopeful that Tej is alive and will come back soon. Soon she discovers that someone has debited money from Tej’s account and rushes to find out who this person is. The entire Chaturvedi family is mourning over this tragic incident and is expecting Tej to return. Will Tej come back? Tune in to find out.

Not an easy race
Fox Traveller presents ‘The Amazing Race’ on November 23 at 8 pm. Racers face the frigid temperatures of a Russian marathon in only their bare essentials, and one team’s future lies in the hands of a tricky stick shift.

Teams must strip down to their bare essentials during a bone-chilling Roadblock, and another team struggles to stay in the race while having to navigate a stick shift through the icy streets of Siberia.

Trivia about mass extinction
Watch ‘Animal Armageddon’ on Animal Planet on November 23 at 8 pm. Against a backdrop of global disaster, ‘Animal Armageddon’ brings to life an unprecedented vision of ancient earth.

Creating the most authentic vision of our lost worlds, each episode reveals a fascinating story, rich in cinematic imagery. Reconstructing a history of events from the beginning of earth’s existence in stunning cinema-quality CGI, this epic series of disaster movies depicts the mass extinction of dinosaurs and other species which once roamed our planet. This gripping series is a countdown to catastrophe asking the central, compelling question of all time — who shall live and who shall die?

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