What is life about anyway

One day you are born,
And you die someday.
It can be long or short
But what is life anyway?
It’s an opportunity
That has been given unto you
And what you do with it
Is up to you.
It’s like two roads
You can take the right or the wrong
But make the most of it
Because it isn’t very long.
Don’t waste your life
Just use it and enjoy
Don’t do things that don’t matter
And don’t become someone else’s toy.
Don’t let someone else direct your life
Live it yourself…..  every bit,
Or when you finally die
You will regret it.
Don’t live afraid of death
It will surely come one day
That’s just how things are
That is life anyway.

Tarun Chandy, 12 years, Mallya Aditi International School.

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