The TIME gobblers!

The TIME gobblers!

‘‘It says here that the program starts at 6:30 p.m.; we'll go around 7:30 p.m. I'm sure it wouldn't start until then." It was my mom talking about a dance program.

Hearing this standard phrase from my mother, who is the personification of punctuality,  I couldn't help laughing.

For our school annual day celebration, the program was scheduled to start at 6 p.m. and we were there very early as instructed.

We, the welcome group, were all in special costume for the occasion, waited patiently for the chief guest who arrived at 8 p.m. All he did was light a lamp to inaugurate the program and zoom off. The program actually started when it was supposed to end; all because of  his late arrival!

In another experience a quiz for 9-16 year age group was supposed to start after the screening of a written test. All the participants in the age group  had to answer the same question paper! Judging a 9-year-old against a 16-year-old was definitely not fair; but none complained! The announcement said that no one would be allowed after 5 p.m.

Two of my cousins and I got there before 5 p.m. and registered. When the program started, everyone on the dais used a common phrase in Kannada "naanu eradu maatannu heLalu ichchisutthene".

Believe me,  those speeches went on until 9 p.m. A few students arrived just before 9 p.m. to register. No one complained about their late registration! Finally, the written test started at 9:45 p.m.

We quit soon after that test not able to withstand hunger and went home exhausted.

We were sure that we (being nine years old) definitely didn't stand a chance. Even though I didn't like the age category, I was more bothered by the lack of time sense.

I realised that many don't mind these delays and laugh at it saying "It's Indian Standard Time", it bothered me a lot when these delays kept on happening every so often. Schools follow time schedules for classes; but the same doesn't translate into other activities.

Is it because people have forgotten to respect others' time? In fact, the trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it. Perhaps, punctuality can be seen only in the top-level bureaucratic appointments.

When a secretary of George Washington, excusing himself for being late, said that his watch was too slow. Washington replied "You must get a new watch, or I must get a new secretary".

Punctuality is a virtue. With our Independence Day just around the corner, if the ceremonies go on time everywhere, it would definitely send the message that we are learning the value of Time (not only our time but also others')......

Sindhu Srinath, L.E.A.F. Program
St.Joseph's Convent, Chitradurga

We love you Grandpa!

Whatever you were to us, that you are still
Ever and for ever your spirit would live on
Love that you had for us never departs
Overwhelmed we are with grief to mourn
Values you gave us are with us still
Even in the worst of adversities as well
Your integrity is in our thoughts and dreams
One brief moment I need, to tell you all this
Unconditional love you spread around us

Definitely, you live on in everyone of us
Everlasting enthusiasm you represented
Alone you worked to give us a better life
Readily willing to make any sacrifices
Grandpa, we love you more than you know
Remembering your good deeds and ways
Always you worked with complete responsibility
Never giving up is the path you walked on
Determination and will power you instilled in us
Passed on your eyes for others to see the light
Again and again showing your positive spirit.

Sindhu Srinath
LEAF program,  St. Joseph's Convent Chitradurga

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