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DH Utilities

Block spams

»If you are using e-mail clients such as Outlook, XP, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird and IncrediMail, you can use Spamihilator to get rid of spams.

Spamihilator uses a word-filter to weed out messages with keywords commonly used by spamsters. You can train this filter by adding keywords and help Spamihilator to increase its recognition rate. Spamihilator uses the rules of Thomas Bayes, an English mathematician, to calculate spam-probability for every e-mail.

You can also add spamsters  to the list of 'Blocked senders' to block or delete their messages even before it reaches you. The tool runs completely in the background and is very easy to use. www.spamihilator.com

(Contributed by Rajeev Varma)

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