Rahul sticks to his 'begging' remark

Rahul sticks to his 'begging' remark

“These people have lost contact with people. They should pull down the windows of their cars and look around. If you ask the children begging in Mumbai or Delhi where they come from, you will get the answer that they belong to Uttar Pradesh,” Rahul said at a meeting at Barabanki on the first day of his five-day-long mass contact programme in the poll-bound state.

Rahul kicked up a controversy when he said people from Uttar Pradesh go to beg in states like Maharashtra because of lack of development in their state, at the Phulpur rally on November 14.

“Unless you talk to people, you will not know the reality,” he said in an attempt to emphasise his earlier comment. 

The Congress leader continued his tirade against the Mayawati government accusing it of not utilising the Central funds effectively.

“There is no dearth of funds. We send money to UP, but it does not reach you,” he told the gathering.

“The UP chief minister says that MNREGS has not benefitted the poor. In UP it has benefitted the ministers and contractors,” Rahul said