CRESE for engineering universities and colleges

CRESE for engineering universities and colleges

Set up as a training and research lab across Indian universities, students will get an exposure on taking up unique projects based on the latest robotic applications.

Some of the projects students will develop that could benefit Indian core sectors are:

*Rubik’s cube solving robot — A robotic system which can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than two minutes. Similarly, a Sudoku solving robot which can solve a Sudoku puzzle.

*Exo-Skeleton robot — A robotic suit which can be worn by a human for lifting extremely heavy weights which cannot be usually lifted by a human
*Haptic Science based robots — A robot which follows human body movements.
*Satellite-GPS controlled robot — A robot which can be controlled from anywhere in the world using GPS/Satellite.

As part of phase I of the launch, 25 engineering institutes across India have signed up for CRESE amongst which three are from Bangalore and Mangalore.

CRESE Offerings: A platform which offers international exposure to the Indian students through its partnership with iCarnegie — powered by Carnegie Mellon.

Membership: CRESE is offered in the form of membership to the engineering college students where the membership fees would be $100 (Rs.4950) for a period of six months. During the time, the students will get full access to the CRESE facility and other offerings mentioned in this section.

Courses: Offerings of eight different courses, one course module per semester. Each course module is of 45 hours which includes practical project development work based on curriculum certified by iCarnegie.

Internships: Live industrial project work for students and aggressive campus training during summer breaks. This will give them dual benefits of industrial exposure with international certification.

Competitions: The student members will be trained and equipped to participate in the leading national and international technical competitions through special training sessions on problem statements of such challenging competitions.
Seminars: Ongoing seminars on upcoming technologies by industry experts, only for CRESE members.

Certification: At the end of each semester, each student member to get a CRESE course completion certificate.

Global Scholars: Every year the best student will be chosen from each partner college and nominated for iCarnegie’s (week long) Global Scholars programme which is conducted every July at Carnegie Mellon University, USA.