BEO post turns into musical chair!

BEO post turns into musical chair!

Official conundrum

K Jagadish at BEO office in Srirangapatna.

BEO Jagadish who has been working for the past two years (from 15.10.2009) and Manjula who has been transferred from DIET, Mysore last week (November 16) are serving at the same place as Block education officers.

While one officer sits in the office, the other is on a visit to schools for inspection. While the officer who comes early occupies the chair the other is forced to go on rounds for inspection.

K Jagadish has been transferred to DIET Mandya and Manjula who was in DIET, Mysore has been transferred to the post. Objecting this, Jagadish has brought a stay order from KAT on November 18 citing that the officer of his post are not supposed to be transferred for three years.

Meanwhile, Manjula has said that she had not received any government orders in this regard and will not leave the place. Now, both the officers are attesting their signatures to the files and the teaching community now have to accord respect to both the officers. While this has come as a surprise to many, the most confused is the jeep driver as he does not know whom to give priority.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Jagadish said that he has not completed three years of service in the post and hence has brought a stay order in this regard and it is wise for Manjula to return to her old post.

Responding to this, Manjula said that until she receives further orders from the department chief she will not leave the place.