No solace at this Nemmadi Kendra

No solace at this Nemmadi Kendra

People have to make several trips to get certificates

Applicants wait outside the Nemmadi Kendra at Gautham Nagar in Kolar Gold Fields, waiting for the doors to open. DH photo

As many as 32 documents are to be collected from the Nemmadi Kendras including the income, caste, proof of residence certificates and that about living family members, by submitting the relevant applications.

There is a feeling among the people that it is easy to get the certificates with help from the agents. Else, it takes 30 days to get the work done.

They are sore about the functioning of the front office of the Nemmadi Kendra at Goutham Nagar, two km from the Nada office in Robertsonpet in the city.

Mostly shut

The front office is rarely open. Even when it is open, there is no power or the cartridge is missing in the printer, which becomes an excuse for the staff to turn the people away.

As many as 59 villages in Hunmunda, Mavahalli, Doddachinnahalli, Ghattakamadhenahalli, Doddavalagamadi, Doddurukarapanahalli and Marikuppa hoblis come under the jurisdiction of the Nemmadi Kendra.

Long way

Some people come from a distance of 30-40 km, taking two buses. More than 400 applications are submitted on an average daily by students seeking income and caste certificates.

On their part, the staff say that it is impossible for them to cater to the needs of applicants from both the urban and rural areas.

The people say that it is the need of the hour to provide additional staff, uninterrupted power supply, more computers and an hassle-free printer at the Nemmadi Kendra, so that the menace of agents can be curbed.