Natasha Sharma and Meghna Malik. Laado’s village expedition

The story currently revolves around a widow named Sunita, who is suspected to be a witch in the village. The unit is there to shoot for this particular sequence. “We needed to shoot in a village and this village was ideal and suited our requirements,” says a unit member of the show. The cast is also having great fun
shooting there.

“It’s a beautiful village located away from Mumbai's hurly burly life. It is surrounded by hills and there’s a lot of greenery around. The atmosphere and the scenic beauty are simply enchanting. It’s always fun to shoot outdoors,” says Meghna Malik who plays Ammaji on the show. 

The villagers are also having a great time. “They are so excited to watch the shoot. I am enjoying the warmth of these people out here. And above all, I am happy that they recognise me as Ammaji.” The villagers have not only welcomed them but also showered them with lots of affection. Meghna narrates one such incident which touched her.

“Few days back, a group of 20-25 children approached me. They imitated me, delivered my dialogues and copied my gestures. I was more than happy to see how religiously these kids follow Laado. Some villagers also invited me to their home for lunch, but due to work pressure, I didn’t get the chance to visit,” she concludes. Looks like the unit is not only enjoying the location but also the love of the villagers.

All about tough jobs

Stuck in a dead-end job? Daydreaming about a new career? Combing through the classifieds for your next calling? Discovery Channel’s brave host and apprentice Mike Rowe will introduce you to some of the Dirty Jobs and will introduce you to a hardworking group of men and women who overcome fear, danger and sometimes stench and overall ickiness to accomplish their daily tasks.

Not one to just stand by, each week, Rowe will assume the duties of the jobs he is profiling, working alongside rattlesnake catchers, fish processors, bee removers, septic-tank technicians and other professionals — average folks tackling extraordinary tasks that simply must get done.  Dirty Jobs airs at 10 pm on August 21. 

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