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Making waves

SudeepHis first original work has come to the notice of people in Bollywood too. The film is on its way to being remade in Hindi, with both Riteish Deshmukh and Shahid Kapoor, who heard the story, evincing keen interest in the film. Sudeep met the two through good friend and mentor Ram Gopal Varma, with whom he has worked in Phoonk and Rann.

Preparing to leave for Germany soon to shoot a couple of pending songs, Sudeep is thrilled that there is a buzz about his yet-to-be completed film. “It is a matter of pride that a Kannada film, that is not yet complete, has managed to generate interest in Mumbai. It will be a pure Bollywood project but RGV will not be involved in it. It is a romantic
story and not at all the kind he makes. But yes, he helped me with the contacts there and now the project is set to roll,” he says.

But when? “After Just Maat Mathalli is completed and released, which may take a couple of months. I will take up the Hindi project only then.” RGV had once thought of remaking Rangeela in Kannada with Sudeep and ended up giving us Phoonk. Let us hope Sudeep realises his and our dreams as well.

Pulling out all aces 

 Here is an enterprising producer. Following the success of his maiden venture Mast Maja Maadi, producer Soundarya Jagadish has begun work on three projects simultaneously.

The speciality of the films is that his son Master Snehith will feature in two of them.

The first one of them, Appu Pappu, will see chubby Snehith making friends with a chimpanzee and having some adventure.   Now, there might not be anything unusual about this as we share a close genetic link with our biological cousins.

What sets aside this friendship is that the chimp is an ‘imported’ one.Warengtan, as the lovable animal is called, is from Malaysia and a seasoned actor already.

 “This is the first time in India, or at least in Kannada films, that this subject has been attempted and I am sure Appu Pappu will appeal to people of all ages,” the proud papa says.

Actor Ramesh Aravind will play Snehith’s doting father in the film. Soundarya Jagadish also will be making Mast Majaa Maadi II around the same time with little change in the original cast. After which, he will be taking up another ambitious project by

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