Windows, redesigned

Windows, redesigned

The villa window integrates the traditional Indian window design of grill and mesh (popularly made out of wood) with UPVC, the new age window material pioneered by the company in India. 

The traditional Indian design for windows consists of a grill and mesh fitted on a wooden frame. The windows thus fitted are inadequate due to poor insulation, low strength and inability to withstand high temperatures and rains. They tend to fade under the onslaught of sun and UV and are prone to termites.

The Fenesta Villa window consists of an engineered UPVC frame that can accommodate a grill for security and a mesh to prevent insects from entering the home.

Fenesta’s advanced UPVC blend makes the windows weather proof and provides excellent insulation against noise and dust. It saves on air-conditioning costs and has negligible maintenance. Add to that the various wooden finishes, the villa window truly offers the best of both the worlds, traditional window designs, rich finish and the benefits of UPVC.  

The villa window also expands the design possibilities available to home owners and architects. For the first time, sizes that span entire balconies and rise from floor to ceiling can be made in casements (windows with sash that opens outside). This helps in creating brighter homes with adequate sunlight. Fenesta has worked on specially designed steel reinforcements that provide the exceptional strength to windows. Incidentally, the earlier innovation of series 3000 enabled such large sizes in sliders, again a first for India.  

The specially designed mullion provides adequate strength for use in high rise buildings as well. The villa windows can withstand high velocity winds without and whistling or rattling through the window.   

Bay windows

In addition, these windows allow users to create bay windows at any angle. Home owners can also create bay windows that are combinations of sliders and casements.

Contemporary designs like glass to glass joints that allow windows to join at the corners without any members further add elements of style. Design freedom is complemented by a variety of finishes that include light oak (teak), mahogany and walnut in addition to pristine white. The windows also offer excellent insulation through multiple point locks, fusion welded joints, and double sealing that ensure noise, dust and pollution don’t find a way into your home. Excellent Insulation ensures reduction in air conditioning cost by 30 per cent. Fire retardant blend ensures safety.

Fenesta windows are factory made. Hence they don’t pose any problems in quality and consistency.

 However, there is no such guarantee with wooden windows where no quality standards exist and it’s next to impossible to make out one type of wood from the other.
The windows will be customised for each home in terms of size and specifications and will be available across the country. There is no hassle whatsoever of dealing with unorganized labor and carpenters. Villa windows also carry the traditional advantages of UPVC in terms of energy efficiency and green features. 

Fenesta’s other offering include UPVC windows in 2003 with a specially designed UPVC blend to withstand the harsh UV radiations in the country, slider windows for the Indian market that offered the functionality of a retro fit mesh, specially engineered windows for torrential rains and the hurricane bar which help windows withstand high velocity winds and create large sizes.