Gandhinagar Grapevine

Gandhinagar Grapevine

Shedding his chocolate boy looks

Rakesh, who is known for his performances in Josh and Manasalogy, will soon be donning a negative role for Alemaari. He is presently shooting for the film in a special set created in the Minverva Mills. This will be the first time Rakesh will be shedding his chocolate boy image and taking on a negative role.

“I really wanted to play a good negative role in my career and this particular role has fulfilled my ambition. Though I had acted as a hero in my earlier films, I think it would be difficult to convince the audience with a negative role. I have changed my looks and body language for this role. Director Santhu has been helping me a lot in portraying this complex character,” says Rakesh.

Incidentally, Rakesh’s characterisation is quite different in the film. “Only when you see it on screen, will you see how different it is from the usual negative characters. I had to do a lot of homework to carry this role off and I hope people will enjoy it,” he sums up.

Anupam to make Sandalwood debut

The actor, who was supposed to come to town for a three-day shoot, has postponed the dates as he is busy wrapping up other projects.

Talking to Metrolife, director Hemanth Hegde says, “Anupam Kher will be playing the role of a doctor in the movie. We have already completed 35 days of shooting in the City and now, we are eagerly awaiting Anupam’s arrival. He is expected to come in December and will shoot for three days.” Incidentally, Nimbe Huli is the also the first film of the production house, ‘Mukta Arts’, which is run by director Subhash Ghai.

Hemanth, who had earlier directed the Kannada movie ‘Housefull’ and a Hindi film called ‘Khanna and Iyer’, says this film is a satire on the sweet and sour experiences of life. “Life keeps throwing surprises and my film will tell you how we need to be prepared to expect the unexpected,” says Hemanth, who also stars in the lead role in the film.

Rumour mills have it that the movie is a remake of the Hindi film ‘Welcome’. But the director clarifies, “The film has nothing to do with ‘Welcome’. I know the film has been gaining a lot of attention from start. That’s why I want to give the Kannada audience something new and refreshing. I am using the new editing and narration pattern. After finishing the talkie portion with Anupam Kher, a marketing strategy will be worked out.” Along with Hemanth, there will be three leading ladies, Komal Jha, Niveditha and Madhurima.

Megha Shenoy