As lively as it can get

As lively as it can get

Hosted by The Dewarist Stage, King Creosote sang a couple of numbers before he played with the band ‘Pictish Trail’ and then with ‘Found’, another band.

His performance was a part of the ’Sophomore India tour’. In a concert that lasted over two hours, King Creosote sang some of the popular numbers and also a few of his exclusive songs.

Among the pieces he sung were ‘The Only Living Boy in New York’, ‘Little Heart’, ‘Underground’ and ‘Gesture and Cherish’.

After a round of solo performance, he was joined on stage by two bands from Scotland — first by ‘Pictish Trail’ and later by ‘Found.’

Most of King Creosote songs are written after being inspired by the things that he has seen
and experienced.

The songs that he performed were from his albums and a few other pieces were selected from the best of his songlist.

He then went on to perform a few more pieces like ‘Turps’, ‘The Only Living Boy In
New York’, ‘Not One Bit Ashamed’, ‘John Taylor starts his month away’, ‘Little Heart’ and ‘Little Man.’

King Creosote has always worked towards promoting record music and is opposed to the new generation taking to digital music.

“There’s nothing like listening to a live performance. On digital music you get to listen to just one track and there’s something impersonal about the whole process. In record music, you have to take some time off to listen to the music,” he said.   

The ‘Pictish’ sent the crowd into a tizzy with their lively pieces such as, ‘Not To Be’, ‘Words Fail Me Now’, ‘My Fizzy Bits’ and ‘Sweating Battery Acid’ to mention a few.

Later, ‘Found’ took centre stage and played a few pieces like, ‘Anti Climbpaint’, ‘Machine Age Dancing’, ‘I'll Wake with a Siesmic Head No More’, ‘You're No Vincent Gallow’ and ‘Jonny I Can't Walk The Line.’

The Dewarists movement recognises, promotes and celebrates individuals that
follow their dreams and turn their passion into a way of life.

They provide a platform for musicians like King Creosote who have followed their heart by felicitating them with a stage to share their original style of music with people.
Those in the audience seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the concert.
Surender Kumar said, “It’s not always that you get to hear good music played live. King Creosote is known to write and sing his experiences
and that makes it worth
listening to.”