Mazy's Muddle: Going nutty in winter

And I saw mountains of groundnuts being sold near the famous Bull Temple. It is believed that one can eat any amount of groundnuts during this season as it is good for your health. So, of course I ate plenty. Salted, roasted, boiled and bars of chikki too.

“Mazy, for once you’re eating something healthy,” announced my friend Mona. “Groundnuts have antioxidants…” “What?” I asked.   “Antioxidants are things present in food that prevent or slow down the damage done to our cells. So, groundnuts are as good in antioxidants as pomegranates, olive oil, beetroot and carrots. Got it? And these good properties become even better when the groundnuts are roasted.”

“Thank you for the information, Mona, but tell me this: If 75% of groundnut production in India happens in Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, what percentage of Indian states is that?”

Out of the maze: 14.2%. There are 28 states. To find the percentage, divide 4 by 28, and multiply the answer by 100. India also has seven union territories.

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