Chappell slams ICC's decision

Chappell slams ICC's decision

“I like the concept, I’m sorry that it has been postponed because I think it is a fabulous concept and one which I would endorse and I think Test cricket would benefit from it,” Chappell said after launching his autobiography ‘Fierce Focus’.

“It is a shame it isn’t going ahead, the sooner it can happen the better, as far as I’m concerned,” he added.

Chappell said having an event like that would bring back the spectators to the five-day matches. “It is one thing to have a ranking system, but to have a final set-up would be good for Test cricket. It elevates the brand of Test cricket and that can’t be a bad thing,” he said.

“I just think to have a finals series like that every four years would just heighten the interest and also make each series also meaning something extra as well,” he added.

‘Don’t dump seniors’

Chappell also said Australia have several good young players but must resist the temptation to pick too many at the same time. One such talent, 18-year-old Pat Cummins, made a spectacular Test debut this week in Johannesburg, claiming seven wickets and hitting the winning runs to level the two-match series against South Africa.

However, Australia’s national talent manager Chappell is not ready to sacrifice experience at youth’s alter. “Knowledge and experience is a very handy asset to have in the group.

You don’t want to bring all the young players in together. I don’t think that’s a recipe for success, any more than you want to have a team that's all old players and all experienced players.