Prompt medical attention at Naval hospital saves girl

Prompt medical attention at Naval hospital saves girl

Pranali, the four year old daughter of a soldier fell from the fourth floor balcony in Navy Nagar on September 20.

She was deeply comatose and barely breathing when she was rushed to the Naval Hospital INHS Asvini, the tertiary care teaching hospital of the navy commanded by Surgeon Rear Admiral Y P Monga.

At the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, a team of doctors led by Surgeon Captain Sheila Mathai resuscitated the girl, restoring her respiration and pulse and stabilising her vital functions over the next one hour.

A CT scan of the head showed that Pranali had suffered a severe brain injury which was cutting off the blood supply to vital brain centres associated with breathing and blood circulation.

The Neurosurgical Team operated on the brain, removed the blood clots and moved the child to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit where she remained on a ventilator for five days.
By the third day, she started showing recovery of brain function. Her right side which was paralysed started moving after a week.

On November 15, the Neurosurgical team replaced the bone flap, fixing it with Titanium screws. Today, a fortnight after her final operation, Pranali can walk and also speak in monosyllables and tends to cry excessively, but is otherwise normal, a Defence release said.