Pump up the kicks

Pump up the kicks

Deep down, health is always blossoming calmly, quietly, beautiful changes are taking place, and soon, something delightfully unexpected is going to come your way.  Prepare to welcome that divine shower with enthusiasm.

Live a little more by intuition’s nourishing wisdom, a little less by cold, depleting logic. As the Master said, “Life is exactly like music. It’s made more by intuition than by rules.”  That is, in trying not to be careless, don’t forget the magic of being carefree.
Start by clearing the decks to access your intuition now.

- First, listen to your body’s responses. An aching jaw, tightness in the chest, stomach cramps, rapid breathing, nausea, aching head are signals crying, “Attention! You’re on the wrong track!” Pause. Take the necessary antidotes if required — a painkiller, digestive tablet, cold milk. Breathe slowly. Reassure your body lovingly, “You’ll be fine.” Send the body healing vibrations. Relax completely.

- Second, let go of your old self. “Drop the past, not because it’s bad but because it’s dead,” the Master said flatly. It is. Most of us are still living by rules that we’ve outgrown over the years. For example, an artist who painted huge murals suddenly went dry. It took him a while to understand that his passion had shifted to smaller landscapes. If we’re willing to let go of outdated ways and move with the inner changes in us, we empower ourselves tremendously. As Dr Phil urges, “Change something. Move furniture. Change your schedule. Get up one hour early. Mix it up.” Dr Phil shaved his famous moustache on the Oprah show!  

- Third, ‘tweet’ to your intuition. Your intuition is your connect with a Higher Intelligence. You can access it in any situation. If you’re overwhelmed, get away from the pressurised environment, and go for a long, vigorous walk/run to blow away those fearful, mental cobwebs. Or sit quietly in a secluded corner to listen. You can even be working at something.  The main requisite is, your mind should not be thinking, but silent, waiting, still, like an audience watching the curtain slowly rise. When you’re in an open state of ‘not knowing’, a seedling of possibilities or deliverance sprouts deliciously inside you, or a solution pops in, or a flash of deep knowing occurs. This is intuition.

- Finally, indulge in blissful activities to keep your mind clear, receptive and fresh. Bliss activities are those that you deeply enjoy in timelessness. Two hours will flit by like 10 minutes. During a blissful activity, the mind stops analysing, stops criticising, stops thinking altogether, and a channel opens up for the wisdom of the intuition to flow through.  The bliss activity can be singing, dancing, painting, golfing, playing badminton, writing, weight-training, gardening, cooking, chanting. From this elevated, hushed condition emerges the clear, wise, whispering voice of the Higher Intelligence. The pathbreaking psychologist Abraham Maslow studied several people and found that almost all experienced “moments of great awe; moments of the most intense happiness, rapture, ecstasy, bliss.”  He concluded, “These experiences are the expression of buoyant health.”  They are. Instantaneous healing, miraculous cures have occurred from exactly such experiences.

(The writers are authors of the book Fitness for Life)