Karnataka govt decries Thackeray's 'provocative' statements

Karnataka govt decries Thackeray's 'provocative' statements

Speaking to reporters here, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister S Suresh Kumar said Karnataka had decided to write to the Maharastra government to "seriously" view Thackeray's remarks.

"Similar remarks by Thackeray against people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh earlier had evoked sharp protests. Thackeray should not forget the contribution of Kannadigas to the economic development of Mumbai in banking and hotel sectors. Such statements may boomerang on him", Kumar said.

He said the Karnataka government would also draw the attention of the Home Ministry to the issue through a letter.

Thackeray had yesterday lashed out at Kambara in Mumbai for his "anti-Marathi" remarks and demanded that the Jnanpith committee take back the prestigious award given to him.

Kambara had reportedly stated that Marathi-speaking people in border areas (of Karnataka) were born only to create chaos and that if Marathi people in these areas want education in Marathi medium, they should move to Maharashtra.

Thackeray reminded him that lakhs of people from Karnataka work in industry and business in Mumbai and all over Maharashtra and to ponder over what would happen if all of them were asked to return to their native state.