Simple native home food on roadside

Simple native home food on roadside

Prabhakar’s eatery on the roadside near Deputy Commissioner’s office.

Roadside food is not big business in Mysore as in other major cities. But, some people in this business have made their mark in their own way in the city.

One such person is Prabhakar (Sujay). He ferries schoolchildren in his van in the mornings and evenings and sets up his makeshift food joint at 1 pm on the small road that leads to the deputy commissioner’s office from Jhansi Lakshmi Bai road adjacent to Maharaja’s PU College.

The eatery is known for its authentic native food. There are no artificial colours added, no frills, no garnishing. It is plain food, one would have at home. Behind this homely food are the efforts of Anupama, Prabhakar’s wife, who starts arrangements to cook food untiringly right from the time she gets up in the morning.

Had not Prabhakar met with an accident when the recruitment process for CRPF was going on after he finished PUC, he would not have been a self-employed person. As he got his leg fractured in an accident, he could not make it to the selection process after the physical fitness round. He was very much in love with the job. But destiny had something in store for him.

For some time he was in Bangalore and saw how roadside food was a big hit there. He wanted to do something like that. A native of Hunsur, Prabhakar returned to Mysore five years back and started ferrying schoolchildren. Some three years ago, he realised the same van can be used to transport food and set up a roadside eatery.

Initially, there was some resistance from other eateries in the vicinity. But he made amends and now he has good relationship with them. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items are available at reasonable prices here. Mudde (ragi balls), chapathi and rice are available. Vegetarians get dal curry and butter milk. For non-vegetarians boiled egg, chicken, mutton, chicken liver, kheema balls and fish curries are available. Employees in Crawford Hall, DC’s office, Maharaja’s PU College, and people who frequent this place are Prabhakar’s regular customers. Some people, who pass this road stop by chance, but they definitely come back to savour this simple fare. Even students love to have food here.

The eatery is open till 4 pm, when Prabhakar is back to ferrying children. He has two people to help him at the stall. Whenever the demand for food items is more he places furthers orders with his wife and gets them. He ensures that cleanliness is maintained and that his customers get clean drinking water. So he gets water from home.

He interacts well with his customers and gets their feedback to improve his business. He is satisfied with what he is doing and is a happy person.