Anacondas open to full house...

Anacondas open to full house...

Slithering sights

On Friday, most roads in the city led to Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens popular as Mysore Zoo.

Not because, the menagerie had something special to offer, but because it added very special among the reptiles in the Indian Zoos.

Five green anacondas from Sri Lanka that recently joined the growing family of animals, birds and reptiles here, were opened for public viewing.

A traditional pooja was offered to the glass enclosure in the reptiles zone, before unveiling the slithering guests to the battery of eagerly awaiting eyes to catch a glimpse of the same.

When Deccan Herald made a reality check, what mattered the most was the size too small when compared to on screen reptile. Thanks to the superhit hollywood film by name-Anaconda had gripped many with the gigantic sized snake on screen sending  chills down the spine of cine lovers, most of the visitors had a set imagination.

The moment a board in the front announcing about -green anacondas- caught their attention, they raced towards the enclosure.

For first few minutes, people were seen gazing at the one trying to make its way out through the small gap of the door.

Next, rolling eyeballs for four others to make the numbers complete. While it was easy to get the glimpse of three others, one seemed to have found it safe amid tiny space inside a small cardboard box.  ‘Where is the other one? it was the FAQ and the animal keeper was pointing his finger towards the box.

Pradeep who works in a private company in Bangalore had driven down to Mysore only to see the anacondas he knew in reel, for real.

Though it didn’t match with that of on screen phobia, he was more than happy. Similar was the reaction of most- for whom the new arrivals were still small in size.

A group of 70 students from Fathima Primary School in Belur taluk in Hassan district were indeed on a high for being the first to catch a glimpse of the snakes. It was purely coincidental that their tour to city of Palaces timed with the arrival of anacondas.

Equally curious lot were the animal keepers themselves in the Zoo, who were making a beeline to see anacondas. When enquired an animal keeper told this paper no sooner the media carried the news, enquiries poured in for the past one week.

They were equally curious, as only  those in-charge of reptiles had the privilege of watching them first.

Surely, the anacondas have been wooing and will continue to draw animal lovers, young and old alike henceforth in hordes, the animal keepers predict.