Chilly weather is here to stay...

Chilly weather is here to stay...

Depression in temperature

People dressed in warm clothes on stroll at a park in Mysore on Friday. DH photo

You also would have preferred to remain packed even when the sun played hide and seek, with still blowing cold breeze. If you thought it was for a day, you are wrong. It would be the same for next two days, according to the experts at Naganahalli Agriculture Research and Meteorological Centre. Sudden depression in temperature is the cause that has gripped Mysore, Mandya, Chamarajanagar and Kodagu districts.

A weather expert at the centre told Deccan Herald, except North Karnataka the environment in other parts of the State is engulfed with cloudy atmosphere. This may also cause moderate to heavy rainfall in the next two days.

What led to the sudden depression is early setting of pre and post monsoon rainfall. When compared to the previous years, the post monsoon was expected to reach its peak in October. Toppling expectations, the monsoon reached pinnacle a month early in September this year.

Similar was the case with pre-monsoon- setting in the month of  April against traditional-May. The minimum temperature is recorded at 11 degree celsius.

Though the district had recorded similar weather condition in the previous year, it was just for a day. Barring that year, there are no such reports pertaining to weather condition in the recent past.

The expert said it is usually rainy season and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the rain extends to a day  or two further.

The prevailing weather condition also sets a warning bell for those who remain outside-be it office goers, vendors, shoppers etc., Most importantly, the joggers should be aware of sudden downpour. Also, not to forget, to remain packed from head to toe to avoid falling sick.