DK cattle more healthy

DK cattle more healthy

Foot and Mouth disease, PPR disease under control in DK

The statistics of the department show that, in 2010- 11, outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease is found only in two villages of the district and only 62 attacks were reported.

After the implementation of FMDCP (Foot and Mouth Disease- Central Project), a central government project to eradicate Foot and Mouth Disease, there has been a drastic change.

After the vaccination in September under this central government project, no outbreak has been registered till date. 

Effective implementation

In the year 2010-11, as many as 1,11,31,174 cattle had undergone vaccination in the State. In Dakshina Kannada district too, vaccination is being conducted effectively for the past three years.  According to the available data, a total of 3,37,150 cattle were vaccinated in 2009- 10 and only two outbreaks were found.

Under FMDCP (Foot and Mouth Disease- Central Project), this year (2011- 12) till October, already 2,53,872 cattle have been vaccinated, according to the data.

“Vaccination had been conducted throughout the district against Foot and Mouth disease under FMDCP in September 2011. The project had covered almost all villages with the help of National Animal Disease Report System (NADRS), which played a crucial role in the success by giving an actual condition of the disease,” said Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services (Mangalore) Assistant Director Dr K Ashok Kumar.

“Dakshina Kannada district is in a better position as compared with some other districts like Koppala where there were 53 outbreaks and 2,929 attacks in 2010- 11. Around 20 years ago Rinderpest, an acute infectious viral disease of cattle was a big challenge for the veterinarians of Dakshina Kannada district. The disease proved fatal as lakhs of cattle became victims in the district. However, the Veterinarians overcame the disease through vaccinations camps and now Rinderpest is hardly found anywhere. We can achieve eradication of Foot and Mouth disease soon,” opined Dr Ashok with confidence.  

Against PPR

The available data also shows that the National PPR Control Programme, a Central government scheme against Peste Des Petites Ruminants (PPR) desease, has also been implemented in the district effectively. In the month of June, vaccination was conducted throughout the district.

During this campaign, Belthangady and Sullia taluks of the district achieved 100 per cent vaccination. Mangalore, Bantwal and Puttur taluks recorded 91 per cent, 94.4 per cent and 89 per cent respectively.  In total, 20,555 sheep/goats were vaccinated during the campaign. As a result, the department has successfully overcome the disease.

Though the department is struggling with lack of man power, it has an impressive record related to vaccination against Foot and Mouth disease and PPR. As a result, these diseases are inching towards eradication.


Foot and Mouth Disease ever (104- 106 F), Pustules and wounds, salivation between hoof, wound and fissures so that cattle would struggle to move.

Peste Des Petites Ruminants (PPR)

Heavy fever, water from eyes and nose, pustules and wounds, excessive salivation from mouth, loose motion and pneumonia.