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Book rack

The new collected short stories
Jeffrey Archer

Pan Books, 2011, pp 858,Rs. 399

This edition puts together three of Jeffrey Archer’s collections. Some stories in this book speak of love at first sight, others about confidence tricks, and the nitty gritties of the legal profession. Archer’s rich characters promise to keep the reader, seasoned fan or newbie, spellbound.

Dubai: the making of a metropolis
Pranay Gupte
Penguin, 2011, pp 402,Rs. 699

The author investigates the  inside story of Dubai’s transformation. He draws on his deep knowledge of the region and its leading personalities to trace the city-state’s extraordinary and fabulous journey to becoming one of the biggest metropolises today.

The secret letters of the monk who sold his ferrari
Robin Sharma
Jaico, 2011, pp 223,Rs. 250

A former courtroom lawyer, Jonathan, suddenly takes to the Himalayas. He finds himself compelled to travel across the world, from Buenos Aires to India, in order to collect life-saving letters that carry extraordinary secrets on reclaiming your personal power and full potential, being true to yourself and living your dreams.

Inside coca-cola
Neville Isdell with David Beasley
St Martin’s Press, 2011, pp 241,Rs. 499

A story about the of building, marketing and re-creating of the Coca-Cola brand. It is unique in that it is the CEO of the company, who has had a 40 year relationship with Coca Cola, who tells the story. A great account of a career inside this legendary business.

Nitish kumar and the rise of Bihar
Arun Sinha
Penguin, 2011, pp 363,Rs. 699

A clear study of Indian electoral politics offering hard facts and an incisive analysis of Bihar’s turbulent trajectory. The narrative reveals Nitish Kumar’s acumen in bringing law and order, roads, education and health to the fore of governance.

The new sherlock holmes novel: the house of silk
Anthony Horowitz
Hachette, 2011, pp 295,Rs. 499

In November 1890, Sherlock Holmes and Watson meet a man who begs them for help with regard to a scar-faced stalker. Investigating into the matter, they stumble upon the House of Silk, an entity that turns out to be their enemy and foe, and a conspiracy that threatens to tear apart the fabric of society itself...

Transforming capitalism
Arun Maira
NIMBY Books, 2011, pp 209,Rs. 295

This book is a radical argument for changing the role of business corporations in society. The author’s essays and case studies present a well constructed argument for re-evaluating the purpose of business, making it relevant for all and sundry.

The princess of burundi
Kjell Eriksson
Allison and Busby, 2011, pp 410,Rs. 655

A series involving inspector Ann Lindell. This time, the mutilated body of a John Jonsson is discovered, baffling the police. Inspector Ann Lindell works on the case and is almost convinced about who the killer is, with only a slight element of doubt.