Under renovation Jain temple open to public till Dec 1

Under renovation Jain temple open to public till Dec 1

Its the first Jain Shwethambara temple built in Bangalore

Thousands of Jain devotees are expected to visit the temple as part of this historic event. The temple which holds great significance to the entire Jain community has been renovated and revamped similar to the famous Dilwara architecture made out of white marble.

In 2000, the trust decided to reconstruct the temple’s old structure, which was constructed with wood and mosaics. The newly renovated temple’s complex is built with pure white marbles brought from Makrana mines in Rajasthan.

The designs on this South India’s oldest and biggest Jain temple have been inspired by the Jain architectural grandeur of the legendary Dilwara Jain Temples of Mount Abu. The temple called as Adinatha Thirthankara temple has minute handcrafted designs on the pillars and columns of marble - a joint effort of more than 500 skilled craftsmen. One can see the ornamental detailing and finest designing ranging from floral paneling in the beading works to the traditional Rajasthan ‘Sanganeri’ motifs on the main pillars.

The large dome located over the central hallway has carvings of Jain philosophers. “The entire temple personifies tranquility and strengthens one’s faith in the preachings of Jain deities. It is a must visit site for people of our country and outsiders,” said Uttamji Bhandari, president of the Chickpet Jain Temple Trust.

The 93-year-old temple built in 1918 housed idols of Lord Adinatha, Lord Parswanatha, Lord Shantinatha and Lord Mahaveera which are said to be at least 2,300 years old.

Believed to be the contribution of Samprathi Maharaj, a ruler in Rajasthan, who is said to have made one-lakh idols to commemorate the 24 Thirthankaras, these idols were brought to Bangalore from the ‘Poshina’ tirth, a temple in Rajasthan.