Kidnapped girl's family snatches abductor's sister

Kidnapped girl's family snatches abductor's sister

The abductions have triggered tension in the villages of Bhagwant Nagar and Karimabad in the district, prompting the authorities to deploy security personnel in strength to prevent possible flare-up of violence.

Minor girl
According to reports, a 16-year-old girl, resident of Bhagwant Nagar, had allegedly been abducted by one Vijay Yadav on Wednesday last from her home.

Though a report was lodged with the police, the latter failed to trace the girl.
  Angry over the police inaction and apparently to force the release of the kidnapped, the family of the girl attacked the residence of Vijay’s family at Karimabad on Friday and allegedly abducted Vijay’s 17-year-old sister.

“The abductors told us that they will release the girl only after Vijay also does the same,” alleged Vijay’s father Gursaran.

Tension prevails
The two abductions, coming within days of each other, triggered tension in the villages and forced the police to intervene in the matter.

The police managed to force the abductors of Vijay’s sister to let go the girl and she reached home on Saturday night.

According to sources, the police have also established contact with Vijay, who has promised that he will release the abducted girl in a day or two.

The police officials at the place conceded that the abduction of his sister had forced Vijay’s hand. “It may be illegal but it certainly worked”, they said.

“It is a disturbing development and it will encourage many others to resort to the same tactics to resolve similar cases,” the officials said. 

Many times such things happen only because of the failure of the police to take timely action.