Kerbs at BIA closed for canopy extension

Kerbs at BIA closed for canopy extension

Answering queries from Deccan Herald on the expansion of the terminal, the Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) said: “During this time, traffic will be diverted to a temporary kerb, which is being constructed to the south of the existing kerb.”

Parking areas P4 (the 10-minute free parking) and P5 (premium parking) will be temporarily closed in phases during the construction of the temporary kerb. Appropriate signage has been installed to re-direct users to other parking areas.

To accommodate the temporary road construction work, some existing walkways have been closed. During this time, all airport users are directed to use the “central walkway” for entry or exit to the terminal building.

The new roads and the associated kerbs in front of the passenger terminal building will be commissioned shortly and the new kerbs will be connected to the terminal building through clear walkways, to which passengers will be directed by well-placed signage.

“As the airport readies itself to accommodate changes as part of the Terminal 1 expansion project, utmost care is being taken to ensure minimal impact on passengers travelling via the airport,” the BIAL said.

The closure of the existing roads and diversion to the new roads have been made to facilitate the construction of the roof structure and overhead canopy of the expanded terminal building. The overhead canopies will extend over 40 meters in front of the roof of the present terminal to provide shelter to passengers both in the inner and outer lanes.

“The safety and comfort of airport users is BIAL’s number one priority,” Hari Marar, President (Operations) said, adding that significant planning has been done to minimise the inconvenience to passengers. The terminal 1 expansion project commenced in June this year and is scheduled to be operational early 2013.