Follow compassion, truth and insure life

Follow compassion, truth and insure life

Religion, science, philosophy, among other areas have conducted extensive research to understand this final mystery of life. Though man has left no stone unturned to arrive at the truth and decipher death and overcome it in many different ways, he has not arrived at a definite conclusion on the subject.

If the Asuras of Indian mythology and the demigods of Greek mythology tried to circumvent death by seeking uncanny boons to outwit death, the modern scientific community is trying a hand at cloning and organ transplants to ensure the continuity of life. Yet for the common man death is a reality – a point of no return and he appears to find it very practical to triumph over the travails of the aftermath of his death by point insuring his life for a handsome sum of money.

While one cannot but commend the incredible pragmatism of man, to seek ways and means to gain one upmanship over death, it happens to be the ultimate inevitable truth of life. As man ages his trepidation on the subject increases. He gets into a self introspective mode and evaluates his life on an abstract scale using ethics as weights.

More often than not this intensely personal experience can leave the person extremely unsettled. He becomes acutely aware of the fact that time is running out on him and  turns to prayer, meditation, occult practices for solace or simply slips into a state of depression. Though no man has ever been known to have transcended the physicality of death except in mythology, one can nevertheless be prepared for the same by following some simple tenets in life.

 “To thine own self be True, and it shall follow as the night the day.” It is a well known fact that one can enjoy a sound sleep at night when one has had a clear conscience during the day. If life is metaphorically considered as a day followed by night which ushers in the sleep of death, man will do well to insure his life by following the path of Truth and Compassion. These two guiding stars of life have been recommended by all religions, seers, and the law of nature in their own encouraging ways. If man remits the said premium scrupulously, he can be guaranteed that he will not become insomniac during his lifetime or thereafter!