Cargo ship still untraced

Cargo ship still untraced

The Coastal Security forces held intensive search operation on Monday but the ship with six crew members aboard could not be traced.

Owner of the vessel, Musthafa Shafi said that there is information that search operation was obstructed by the turbulent wind and heavy rain that lashed in Lakshadweep region. “They say that helicopter and ships were pooled in to carry out the search operation,” said Musthafa who added that the 20-year-old ship costs Rs 40 lakh including the stock in it. “I had tried to get the ship insured but due to non-cooperation from the insurance company, I could not,” he said.

Every year Musthafa takes necessary commodities to 11 islands of Lakshadweep, between September 15 to May 15. “People from Lakshdweep are dependent on Mangalore, Cochin and Calicut for most of the things barring fish and coconut. My ship used to take some commodities from Mangalore once a week,” he said.

The vessel had 40 tonne grit stones, 30 tonne cement, food items including maida, atta, vegetables etc. It had left Mangalore old port at 6.30 am and had reached Amini island on Friday at 1.30 pm.

The missing crew members are K Shankaran from Kerala, Amin Jusab Baya, Ahammed Ismail, Salim Ali Sumbania, Mausin Aliya, Altaf Mohammed Chamadia. The five crew members hail from Jamnagar in Gujarat.