Likely fall in paddy prices have N R Pura farmers worried

Likely fall in paddy prices have N R Pura farmers worried

Various dynamics have left the growers in lurch

Though the government has announced Rs 1,080 support price for one quintal paddy, the market price for it is somewhere between Rs 800 to Rs 900. Unfortunately, the traders do not come forward to buy paddy at the same price. Framers have reaped abundant crop this year, but the paddy price in the market is the same from last ten years. In contrast, the expenditure and the production cost is increasing every year. With hike in fertiliser, seeds and labour charges the farmers are finding it difficult to manage with the current paddy price.

The stocked paddy crops in the go downs, which were not sold last year is cited as one of the reasons for the lack of demand for paddy in the market. The boiled rice (brown rice), supposed to be exported to Kerala has been stored in excess in go downs last year. This is considered as another reason for the lack of demand. Adding to it is the decision of the governments, of selling rice to poor at Rs one per kg.

The farmers believe that supplying 35 loads of rice to taluk centres under Public Distribution System has led to the decrease in the number of people buying rice from the market. The government has opened paddy purchasing centre in the town to support paddy growers. But regulations of the centre with regard to paddy moisture content has left farmers worrying.

“The paddy moisture level prescribed by the centre is much higher. We will have to wait till next March to sell the paddy at these centres because only by March the paddy will have the prescribed moisture level,” a farmer said.

The labour charge has increased due to the rich businessmen who are taking up farming paying heavy salary to the daily wage labourers. This has put the small and medium level farmers in trouble.