Digital film festival to wow City

Digital film festival to wow City

Founded in 2000 as festival for digital film, it presents films using digital technology in creative and innovative ways. The current fest, began in Hamburg, Germany on October 17, with global Internet-based film competition and is ending with the closing ceremony in Bangalore.

Bitfilm Festival Director Aaron Koenig said: “We are happy to reach out to the wonderful Indian audience and look forward to engage with young and creative Indian minds.”
This is the first festival worldwide with Machinima competition for films made with computer games, the first German festival with competition for films made for viewing on mobile phones and first worldwide festival with competition for real-time demos.

Being hosted at Max Muller Bhavan, it begins with an award ceremony on December 2, between 7 pm-11 pm. The winning films in each category have been chosen by Bitfilm’s worldwide audience in an online vote. It will see screenings of most popular films and announcement of winners and is being held in collaboration with Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, under the banner ‘Germany and India 2011 -2012: Infinite Opportunities’.


On Saturday, between 2 pm-8 pm, the following films will be screened: MACHINIMA 1, MACHINIMA 2, 3D SPACE 1, FX MIX 1, 3D SPACE 2 and FX MIX 2, besides a 24-hour Machinimarathon — for Machinima teams who want to produce a Machinima film in a day.

The films have been chosen from three categories: entirely computer-generated films made with 3D animation software (3D SPACE); films which mix various techniques like 3D animation, 2D animation and live action digitally (FX MIX); and MACHINIMA films shot live inside a computer game or a virtual world like Second Life .

There will be repeat screening on Sunday from 2 pm to 11 pm, along with the screening of a 90-minute documentary by Victor Scheffe.

More details can be had from Aditi Dash - 8792389003 / Shaivalini Kumar — 9663376563.