Buddhist leaders to form global forum

Buddhist leaders to form global forum

Leaders of various Buddhist sects, gathered for ‘World Buddhist Congregation’ that began on Sunday, had a special meeting of senior monks to discuss Buddhist solution to global problems.

 “Modern education system is spreading lobha(greed) and moha (attachment). We need an alternative education which should help us get rid of modern day dukkha(misery),” said a senior monk spelling out  the purpose of such a platform.

In the meeting of seniors, monks raised the issue of arms-race and called upon Buddhist preachers to “confront their government to spend less and less on arms”.

However, a global platform of Buddhist leaders does not seem to be free from its own problems. Some senior monks raised the issue of divisions in Buddhism and cautioned that the proposed  platform should not  intervene in religious matters. All the sects should have the freedom to have their own ways as far as the religious practices go, said the monk.

Informed observers say the platform has political overtones. Buddhist communities in various countries are facing problems, necessitating a united platform.

Nepalese Buddhist leader Angdava Sherpa complained how people were not appreciative of the way Buddhist live with their traditions. Nepal is country dominated by Hindus.