Making the best use of vacation

Making the best use of vacation

Worthwhile days

The college is scheduled to open on December 5 and students have two more weeks at their disposal.

Most of the students have been utilising this time to acquire additional skills which would complement their academic knowledge. At the same time, they are also having lots of fun with their friends and family.

While some students have taken up internships, some are doing small jobs. Komala B N is one such student who has been juggling studies with work but is the topper in her class. In the mornings, she attends her class after which she works at a government department.

 “I didn’t put any extra effort. I used to attend classes regularly and take notes. That was enough for me. As we have holidays now, I have been going to my office. But I often meet up with my friends and we have a great time ,” she says.

As she is working, she was not able to go on a long trip. “I am very excited to start my final semester. And I need to work a lot to retain the first rank. And as this will be our last semester in college, we have planned so many things to make it memorable,” she says.
Karthik P, another final year student of commerce, has taken up a job during this vacation.

 He too is one of the toppers in his class. “Though I am working, I never miss a chance of hanging out with my friends. This time, I watched many movies with them. I want to complete my MCom and improve my ranking in the next exam. In the coming semester, I would like to improve my communication skills,” he says.

He says juggling work and studies was never a problem for him. “Teaching is very good in our college and we get excellent notes. So, one need not waste time getting extra coaching. Moreover, the college timing is very appropriate,” he says.

Suman is another student who has enrolled herself for a personality development course.

“I thought it will help during my campus recruitment. I am eagerly waiting for the college to start. I have already purchased new tops and saris for the ethnic day celebrations. And I can’t wait to show the photographs of my holiday trips to my friends,” she says.